James S. (Steve) Sullivan, Jr., Th.D.,  President

Cody Horne, Ph.B., Assistant Registrar

Eddie Ildefonso, Ph.D., Vice President of International Operations

Bret M. Sullivan, D.Min., Vice President of Operations
Cheryl Clark, D.Min., Comptroller
Phyllis Lively, D.Min., Dean of Records
Monty J. Parks, D.MIn. Dean of School of Music and Worship

Luther M. Price, Th.D. Dean/Director of Development

 Perry D. Neal, D.Div., Staff Evangelist


Extension Deans


Danny Parton, D.Min., Easley, South Carolina (Easley)

Leroy Franklin, M.A.., Knoxville, Tennessee  (Knoxville)

Richard Benjamin DRE.; Coastal Alabama (Mobile)

 Guy Boyd, D.Min..; Southeast Georgia (Savannah)

International Extension Deans


Mr. Eddie Ildefonso, Dean of International Extensions

Rev. Gary Fleetwood, Dean, Europe/Romania
Rev. Ralph Holdbrook, Dean Ghana
Dr. Lamar Lyons, Dean Haiti
Dr. Robert A. Lesnussa, Dean Indonesia
Rev. Solomon Owolabi, Dean Nigeria


Faculty Advisors


Dr. Cheryl Clark

Dr. Phyllis Lively
Dr. Ray Warren 
Dr. Jimmy Young
Dr. Zeke Zanatos
Mr. David Brown
Kevin Keller
Michael Hollingsworth
William Langford
Our Faculty consists of over 100 Professors and Advisors.


Board of Trustees


Dr. James S. Sullivan, Jr., Covington Theological Seminary

President and Chairman


Dr. Jay Trimble, Senior Pastor, Prospect Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Executive Vice President


Dr. Edsel Bone, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Macclenny, FL

Vice President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Edward Ildefonso, Senior Pastor, West Los Angeles Living Word Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA

Vice President of International Operations

Executive V.P.


Dr. Bret Sullivan, Covington Theological Seminary

Vice President of Operations


Mr. Marvin Cornelison, President, Raines Brothers, Inc., Chattanooga, TN



Dr. Gary Flootwood, Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Pastor, Chimebell Baptists Church, Windsor, SC 





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