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We are delighted that you are interested in applying at CTS.  Your successful and complete application comes with a $50 application fee.  Please complete the application and give us your credit card information to make your secure tuition and application payment (Please do not put your credit card information on the online application if you are paying via Paypal. Doing both could cause you to be double charged.). If you complete the application without making a payment (giving us your credit card information), we will mail you a proposal of classes for your desired program (we must have at least a copy of your official transcripts and the $50 application fee in order to send you the proposal of classes). You may call us and give us your credit card information over the phone if you would rather complete payment that way although we ensure you that this processing of information is secure. (706) 866-5390
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If you have any questions regarding the online registration, you may email Craig Thomas at Thank you.
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