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"I am honored that Sisk Memorial in Fort Mill, SC will be an Extension for Covington Theological Seminary this year.  CTS provided me with an affordable and accessible opportunity for a great theological education.  It is a great opportunity to complete your education - whether it is a Bible Diploma for lay people or an Associates through a Doctorate Degree for those called to serve in the Church of the Lord Jesus."

Pastor Tom Tucker
Senior Pastor, Sisk Memorial Baptist Church



"My name is Dr. Dwayne M. Boudreaux and I graduated with a Th.D. in Theology that was conferred upon me from C.T.S.  I was a professor at the main campus in Fort Oglethorpe for two and half years.  I also earned three degrees conferred upon me from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, including an M.Div. We utilize many of the same text books at C.T.S and N.O.B.T.S. My experience with teaching 40 hours on campus and writing a 60,000 plus word Doctoral Thesis at C.T.S. has been overwhelmingly positive. Our students are a blessing to us and we feel honored to help equip them for the ministry God has called them to exercise within the Body of Christ. I endorse C.T.S as an institution which knows its mission and helps ministers sharpen their swords."

Dr. Dwayne M. Boudreaux 

Director of Missions Augusta Association of Baptist Churches



"Several years ago I was confronted with having to end my seminary training at the school where I was attending. The campus was closing and because of the rapid growth of my church, I felt I could not spend more time traveling to and from school and take care of my pastoral responsibilities. A friend suggested I try Covington. I talked with the administrators and soon entered classes to finish the last few credit hours I needed to complete my master's degree. I then worked on my doctorate while teaching classes at the school. I am grateful for the opportunity Covington provided me to finish my education there while still being a full time pastor. Now several pastors on my staff at Dallas Bay Baptist Church have also completed their theological training at Covington as well." 

Dr. Ken Duggan
Senior Pastor, Dallas Bay Baptist Church


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