Handling of Accounts

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Registration and tuition expenses are due and payable at the time of registration. However, for the convenience of the student, a monthly payment plan is available, and must be handled through the office of the Bursar, prior to receiving any materials or attending classes. Students with no payment activity on their account during a semester may not take their final exam at the end of the semester until they become current with payment of their fees. Students who are not current with their payments will not receive their formal report card until they become current with payment of their fees. Please contact CTS with any questions.

Dr. Bret Sullivan is our Bursar and he can be contacted at bsullivan@covingtonseminary.org.  If you have any questions concerning your account please feel free to contact Bret today by email or phone.  Covington Theological Seminary         Dr. Bret Sullivan         706-866-5626     Ext. 201
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